Our Community - Ivy Update

Monday morning of this week at 5:30 am, more than 17+ families were displaced due to an outbreak of a fire at the Ivy apartments at Holly Hill Rd. Suddenly the apartments were engulfed in flames. These families who have already gone through so much trauma and loss, have been resettled, transitioned and started life over again - were swept into another trauma. These folks are our friends and neighbors. Our community. We have sat and listened to the stories of the families of their sheer fear of grabbing their babies and running out of their apartments with the clothes on their backs and no shoes and waiting in the 20 degree weather and other families joining them in the cold waiting in safety as the fireman woke them up to protect their homes by knocking on the doors or bursting in if necessary.  We have grieved with the families in their pain, felt their loss of security and how this fire triggers their sense of instability It is devastating. Loss is never easy.

Yet, we are not without hope. Our hope is in Jesus and we are able to be His hands and feet. The students and mentors were able to assist a displaced family by helping to move their belongings out of their old home into their home We were able to pray with the family, to give thanksgiving that lives were NOT lost, and WE rejoice that God is our deliverer and that God rescues His children.

The community organizations have gathered together to meet immediate needs. You can join in through the following avenues:

Donate: https://vickerytrading.org/support-us/donate/
Designate: FIRE RELIEF

Donate: New Items ONLY Please - Bring to ICNA (Refugee Resources neighbors)
 Kitchen - White plate sets, Cooking Sets 
 Blankets, Sheets - (Twin, Queen)
 Laundry Detergent
 Vacuum Cleaners

IRC: Yui.Iwase@rescue.org
Fellowship Dallas: Joshuas@fellowshipdallas.org 


Alysa Marx